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Artisinal Cranberry and Grain Crackers

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Enjoy the tender, crisp texture and delicious taste of Breton Artisanal, now made with ancient grains like spelt and amaranth. With pieces of cranberry baked right in they are ideal on their own or as part of the perfect appetizer or snack. Your family and friends will love the real ingredients and premium inclusions! 0 g of trans fat per serving No artificial colors or flavors.

Breton Artisanal Cranberry and Ancient Grain  Crackers (5.29oz)

Ingredients: Wheat flour, dried cranberries with sugar and sunflower oil, ancient grains (spelt, amaranth),coconut oil, canola oil, wheat germ, sugar, salt, whey powder, ammonium bicarbonate, naturalflavour, baking soda, protease, pentosanase, soya lecithin.