THM Hydrates Variety Pack

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Hankering for taste bud dazzling refreshment that still counts toward your eight cups a day resolution? Your kids want flavor and pizazz in their drinks, but you know what they really need is more water, right? Don’t sweat it… now you can beat water boredom! Bring the family and come join us at our TRIM HEALTHY HYDRATES watering hole. Take a deep, thirst-quenching, swig and feel good about your healthy choice. Now your whole family can drink up and health up at the same time! Trim Healthy Hydrates take water from boring to brilliant with just a shake or a stir. Ordinary water transforms into a drink of dreams with no harmful ingredients like sugar, unhealthy dyes, junk fillers, artificial ingredients or even needless calories or carbs. In this variety pack, choose from Orange Oasis, Lemon Love, Cherry Berry or Blue Skies Colada. Keep them in your purse, car, kitchen or office and in your kids’ backpacks. Add one hydrate to a big glass or bottle of water and you’ve got instant, all-natural, vibrant and fun tasting flavor you can finally get excited about drinking! As with all Trim Healthy products, we’ve got you and your family’s weight and health in mind. At last… you get to deliciously flavor up your water without the fattening and blood sugar spiking side effects. Cheers as you shake or stir, then gulp!


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