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Strawberry Whipped Honey

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Dutch Country Honey is 100% pure. Nothing added, nothing taken away. It has not been pasteurized BUT warmed gently in stainless steel tanks; gravity strained through nylon cloth, leaving all the natural good taste, minerals, and enzymes in the honey for you to enjoy. You MUST try our delicious flavored WHIPPED HONEY. This flavored whipped honey spread, made at Dutch Country Farm in Northern Indiana, is a must for your warm toast, bagels, pancakes or muffins. Even great as a fruit dip! As beekeepers, Dutch Country knows what it takes to bring you great products from the hive.

Strawberry Whipped Honey (5.5oz)

Ingredients. Pure Natural Honey,Natural Strawberry powder,Artificial strawberry flavoring,artificial coloring(red#40,Blue#1)