Backroad Country Caramel Corn (15oz)

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Made with real butter and the flavor of caramel this sweet treat is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Classic Carnival Flavor!

5 reviews for Backroad Country Caramel Corn (15oz)

  1. Lynn

    I love caramel corn & this is THE BEST caramel corn I have ever had. The fluffy popcorn & creamy, buttery caramel is beyond delicious & decadent!

  2. Jean

    Really fantastic caramel corn! Much better than anything else I’ve had. Consistent throughout the whole bag.

  3. Sandra Jackson

    The best caramel popcorn I had ever had.

  4. Becky

    I am a caramel corn fanatic. This is the absolute best caramel corn I have EVER tasted!

  5. Shelly Dabbs

    Coating is consistent throughout the whole bag. Best caramel corn I have had.

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