Peanut Butter Spread (18oz)



Nice and sweet! Sometimes known as ˜church spread™ among Amish communities. Great on bread, toast, bananas, ice cream and much more….even use it as a dip for sliced apples and pretzel rods.

Peanut Butter Spread (18oz.)

Ingredients: Peanut Butter (Peanuts and Sugar contains 2% or less of: Molasses Fully Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Rapeseed and Soybean) Mono and Diglycerides salt) Corn Syrup (Corn Syrup High Fructose Corn Syrup Vanilla and Salt) Whip (Corn Syrup Sugar Water Tapioca Starch. contains 2% or less of: Egg Whites Salt Propylene Glycol Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose Tartatic Acid Natural and Artificial Flavors Hydrochloric Acid. “Contains Peanuts Soy and Eggs”


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