Scorpion Cheddar Cheese (8oz)

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Troyer Scorpion Cheddar Natural Cheese – rBST Free Appearance/Color Golden with blend of red pepper Flavor/Odor Rich & Creamy with hint of Chile Pepper, Very hot and biting Body/Texture Smooth, Firm

Scorpion Cheddar (8oz)

Pasteurized Milk, Cultures, Salt, less than 1% Enzymes, Annatto (Color), Ground Scorpion ChilePepper Creamy cheddar blended with Scorpion Chili Peppers, which have a mean heat of more than 1.2million Scoville heat units. CAUTION: EXTREMELY HOT! Can cause eye and skin irritation.

1 review for Scorpion Cheddar Cheese (8oz)

  1. Daniel Feistner

    This is an excellent cheese with nice heat. It has a delayed onset, but doesn’t disappoint. It’s creamy and very good on a club cracker. I would strongly recommend it.

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